Lee's portrait     
Lee Knox is a Kansas City writer (now retired) and a watercolor artist. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Theater from the University of Kansas. Lee now lives in San Miguel de Allende, a town of about 100,000 people in the central Mexican highlands.

Watercolor Paintings
Lee is a world traveler who picked up a paintbrush and put watercolor to paper while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania (2003-2005.) She has been painting pictures from her travel photos ever since. She studied Plein Air Painting with watercolorist Tricia Spencer, through the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as spending time in Italy under the tutelage of British artist Russell Aspinall. The most frequently requested commissioned works are for people's houses or places of worship.

"I love to travel to big cities and I always return home with lots of photos of interesting buildings, cityscapes and skylines. To me, gazing on architecture is a personal experience, reflecting the features of time and place like few other subjects can. Kansas City landmarks are also a favorite subject. I paint from photographs, adding colors which aren't really there - but should be." 

Lee has written public television fundraising scripts, weekly humorous commentary for radio, speeches, website content, marketing brochures, non-profit annual reports, grant applications, internet articles and a bi-lingual children’s book.  From 2003 to 2005, Lee lived in Romania as a Peace Corps Volunteer doing marketing and development for non-profit organizations. Then she wrote a book about it! (See Lee's book.)